Evofem Biosciences Appoints Dr. David Friend as Chief Scientific Officer

SAN DIEGO, CA — Evofem Biosciences announces that Dr. David Friend has been named Chief Scientific Officer effective immediately.

In this role, Dr. Friend will be responsible for providing oversight and responsibility for scientific leadership covering the entire R&D program and product lifestyle management initiatives reporting to Saundra Pelletier, CEO.

Prior to this appointment, Dr. Friend served as Director of Product Development at CONRAD, an organization that works to expand contraceptive choices and prevent sexually transmitted infections. Before CONRAD, Dr. Friend was Vice President, Research at Vyteris, Inc, a company that develops novel transdermal delivery systems. He has developed oral dosage forms for delivery of drugs and he holds several patents for novel dosage forms.  His previous professional experience includes work at a number of pharmaceutical companies, including Delsys Pharmaceutical, a division of Elan Corporation, Vascular Therapeutics, CIBUS Pharmaceuticals and SRI International.

Dr. Friend has published more than 60 research articles and is currently on the editorial board of the Drug Delivery and Translational Research, Antiviral Research and Pharmaceutical Development and Technology Journals. Additionally, Dr. Friend sits on three scientific advisory boards in the areas of microbicide development and the prevention of HIV transmission. He earned his Bachelor of Science in biochemistry from the University of California, Davis, and his PhD in chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley.


 About Evofem Biosciences 

Evofem Biosciences develops and commercializes innovative products that support and promote women as the primary healthcare consumer. Evofem Biosciences is currently identifying and developing new and novel products that specifically address unmet needs in the areas of sexual and reproductive health, the prevention of acquisition of sexually transmitted infections and products that address or promote general health and wellbeing.  Evofem Biosciences has two lead product candidates: Amphora®, a vaginal contraceptive gel, and the Nestorone® Ring, a one-year contraceptive vaginal ring, both of which have completed Phase III clinical studies. For more information on the Company, visit www.evofem.com

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